Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Outdoor Fun and Games!

We have been enjoying the warm weather and sunshine so much in school. We have played Duck Duck Goose in the yard, and during PE have played lots of games. We have been working on our spatial awareness playing games with different coloured cones, running in races, throwing and catching in pairs, kicking a football and using the parachute. It has been lots of fun and we hope the good weather continues!

Ice-Cream Art!

We created some lovely ice-cream cones using crayons and crepe paper. We used scissors and glue to cut and stick different coloured

paper to make different flavours. They look good enough to eat!

Monday, May 17, 2021

Planting Seeds

Our class have been using our knowledge of seeds to plant sunflowers and cress. We cut out our water bottles that we use in school to have as our pots. We put soil in our pots, put our sunflower seeds in one pot, and cress in the other, put some more soil on top of the sunflowers and watered them We are taking good care of them and hope they will grow soon!

Our Shape Hunt

Ms Leahy’s Senior Infants went on a shape hunt around the school. We were revising our 2D shapes: the circle, rectangle, triangle and square. Before we went on our shape hunt we examined each shape, and their properties such as: if it has any corners, how many sides it has, and if it is round. Then we set out with our clipboards and a worksheet with a section on each shape. We went out to the yard and if we spotted any of the 2D shapes we drew them on our sheet using a pencil, and we went out to the front of the school to see what 2D shapes were there too. We found lots of 2D shapes on the ground, on the windows, the wheels of cars, the roof of the school, and lots more places. We coloured in all of our shapes using twistables. We had lots of fun and really enjoyed finding lots of 2D shapes all around our school.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Musical Instruments

 We used different instruments including shakers, tamborines, drums and the triangle to listen and respond to a piece of music from the Jungle Book. We had lots of fun and loved learning how to play lots of new instruments. 

Amazing Artwork in April

 We have been so lucky to have a new teacher helping us in our class over the last few weeks. Her name is Ms Travers and she has done some lovely art lessons. We had read the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and made our own caterpillars using two colours of paint, drawing circles and making a pattern. We also decorated some beautiful butterflies too, and learned about the lifecycle of a butterfly. We also learned about cherry blossom trees, and created our own by mixing white and pink paint and dabbing it on u

sing cotton wool.

Maths for Fun

 Ms Murphy, who is our Home School Community Liaison Teacher asked our class if we would like to try out some exciting maths games as part of the school's Maths for Fun initiative. We have had lots of fun playing Bus Stop, the Rocket Game, Spotty Dogs and The Game of Ladybirds. We are using our counting skills and our number recognition skills to play these lovely games, and we are taking turns, sharing and having fun with our friends. 

Outdoor Fun and Games!

We have been enjoying the warm weather and sunshine so much in school. We have played Duck Duck Goose in the yard, and during PE have played...